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Tacit knowledge

Utilises tacit knowledge

The CCS is a tool for tapping tacit knowledge — everything we know that we don’t have words for, or can’t find the words for.

It provides a way for participants to step outside themselves, to reflect and to uncover what they truly think or feel about a subject.

Drawing upon this tacit knowledge gives participants greater opportunity to:

  • fully engage in a development or education process
  • clearly contribute their true thoughts
  • motivate themselves
  • reach and genuinely commit to agreements with others
  • create connections and work better with others
  • recruit their emotions to help them take action.
Tacit knowledge

Creates unique dialogue

With much of our deeply held beliefs, we don’t really know what we think until we hear what we say.

The cards enable people to unlock the door to self-understanding in a safe, creative and liberating way.

A way to hear what we say

The process helps people to build a firm foundation for honest and open communication, both with their inner self and with those around them.

Tacit knowledge

Patterns of significance

The CCS creates a ‘safe space’ right from the beginning of the interaction. Participants are empowered, through the images, to create their own patterns of significance — their own territory for communication and understanding.

In doing so, they experience their own voice and authority.

Tacit knowledge

Meaning-making system

Rather than trying to find and select words to accurately represent experience, the CCS images themselves provide a ready-made logical framework that encompasses (for the participant concerned) the essence of the experience they are trying to convey.

Lived experience

In doing so, the images provide the person with a ready-made meaning-making system that links all associated concepts, feelings, words and actions in an integrated whole that can be truly representative of their lived experience.

Furthermore, it provides them with an easy way to compare, contrast, assess and prioritise these elements of experience.

10 Good Reasons to have the CCS Facilitators Manual

Use the CCS like an expert

Whether you are an experienced facilitator or just starting out in the field of professional communication, you will find the CCS Facilitators Manual to be a valuable resource.

We think it's worth having just because it looks so good — but here's 10 other reasons:

"Just a quick note to say thanks for the CCS manual ... it really helps get the desired 'flow' of a session."

Timothy Hyde
Achieving the Impossible

  1. It's the easiest and quickest way to find out how to use the tool the way the experts use it
  2. The fundamentals and ideas contained in the manual will help to ensure you get superlative results with your participants every time
  3. There is a whole chapter covering the key supporting theories behind the tool to help you engage all kinds of participants and decision makers
  4. You will learn scripted step by step group processes for new, merging and established teams
  5. There are also processes for one-on-ones, focus groups and self management
  6. It will show you how to apply the CCS to engage adult learners before introducing them to your program content
  7. Learn one-on-one processes ideal for coaching, conflict resolution and relationship building
  8. Understand how and when to use CCS transfer activities to ensure that participants reinforce their learning and apply it beyond your sessions
  9. The manual has Master Kit status. So you can build your own Master Kit by first adding a Facilitators Manual to your shopping cart and then adding whatever products you need at Master Kit discounted rates!
  10. It is beautifully bound and perfectly arranged for professional facilitators — you can easily browse and absorb the subjects and quickly find the detail and templates when you need them.
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