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Is it time to refocus your career?

CCS Career Catalyst:
Reflect, Refocus and Re‑energise your career

Are you looking for a way to help you evaluate your current career, to increase your feeling of value and fulfilment?

Are you considering changing roles, or perhaps a total career change?

At whatever point you are at in your career, before you take the next step it is essential to clarify what you want and why you want it. And that's exactly what the unique CCS Career Catalyst kit will do for you.

"Thought-provoking, creative and helped me ask the most important questions for work and life. it’s a wonderful guide. I loved it!" Career Catalyst real example
Anushka, Business Manager

Get clear on your career.
Align your strengths and values.
Get meaning. Find courage.

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Arranged in bite-sized chapters and rich in expert advice, insightful questioning, journaling spaces and inspirational quotes, the CCS Career Catalyst kit will support and guide you through 10 profound and unique critical reflection activities.

The CCS Career Catalyst process will help you to:

  • get clear on what you want from your future career
  • discover and understand how to align your strengths and values
  • uncover and set your personal brand
  • create meaningful career vision and goals
  • tap your courage and take risks
  • muster the motivation to proceed and facilitate career change.
"Just wanted to give you some feedback now I have completed the Career Catalyst. I found it to be very useful and it greatly assisted with my thinking on what I value and how that may align with a future role or career. The book was very intuitive with each section logically flowing on from the previous without being too long or difficult to complete. The pictures/cards were fun and made it easier to get ideas/thoughts and feelings down on a page. I now have some clear goals and findings that I arrived at myself with the help of the Career Catalyst."
Glen, Senior Manager
Career Catalyst Kit

The CCS Career Catalyst Kit is beautifully printed and truly a pleasure to use.

You will explore and discover your tacit thoughts, ideas and plans with the included CCS vision pack.

You will record, keep and share what you find with the 10 sheets of CCS vision stickers in the special journaling spaces in the guide book.

The full CCS Career Catalyst Book Kit includes:

  • a high quality 53-card CCS vision pack — containing our unique set of images, illustrations and words
  • 10 sheets of CCS vision stickers to record your tacit discoveries in a memorable and impactful way
  • a beautifully printed, 94 page full colour, wiro-bound Career Catalyst Book (real book)
  • PDF download version of Career Catalyst Book
  • Additional PDF version of the book without the sticker templates spaces — to use without the stickers.
"Loved using the book, it was easy and non confrontational. I enjoyed the visual cues in the cards and thinking about what I want! What an inspiring, easy to use tool!"
Sally, Change Manager
Leonie Cutts

Leonie Cutts

As a developer of the CCS, Leonie is passionate about helping others to critically reflect, tap their strengths and breakthrough their challenges using the CCS.

Her passion for helping women achieve their personal and professional potential aligns perfectly with the work of Di Ryall and the team at Xplore for Success.

Leonie is also the author of the Big Picture CCS Online Course and a regular blogger and illustrator on subjects of personal development.

Diana Ryall AM

Diana Ryall AM

Diana Ryall AM is an inspirational mentor, coach and business developer. She was Managing Director at Apple Australia from 1997 to 2001. While holding this position, the company was recognised by Hewitt Associates as “Employer of the Year”.

In 2002, Diana founded the company Xplore for Success which offers services to organisations to support professionals to achieve personal success.

The Xplore programs have challenged over 10,000 women and men in organisations such as American Express, CBA, Deloitte, Dept. of Commerce, Centrelink, GHD, Luxottica, KPMG and NAB.

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