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Want clearer communication in less time, every time?

CCS Cards: for Facilitation, Coaching and Self‑discovery

Now more than ever we need tools like the CCS to help us truly connect and have the deep conversations we need to have. Effective, timely, structured conversations that promote mutual sharing of experiences and views. Conversations that truly increase empathy, align values and ideals, build understanding, reduce prejudice and encourage cooperation.

CCS in use

Dr Natalie Curach using CCS Express Fans at the Designing Life Synthetic Biology cafe scientific event at MAAS — Powerhouse Museum.

CCS in use

Leonie Cutts leads a group of young entrepreneurs to better define their startup strategies and make their ideas visible with the CCS (participants are using CCS original Vision Packs).

The CCS is a powerful tool for creating clearer communication for groups, one-on-one coaching and individual self-discovery. The CCS is a kit of products centred around packs or fans of cards designed to have an immediate impact on the quality of face-to-face communication. The CCS is easy to use, research based, trusted by experts, adaptable to your needs, reliable and used all over the world.

So, whether you are using the stunning CCS Vision Pack (2017 edition), the original CCS Vision Pack or our CCS Express Fans, the CCS is your essential tool effortlessly improving the quality, depth and clarity of today's important conversations.

Dr Stephanie Burns - learning and behaviour change expert

"They are powerful, elegant and easy to use tools that take communication to a whole new level. And with no complicated training, no tricks, no aversion and no fear."

Dr Stephanie Burns
Learning and Behaviour Change Expert



Hundreds of facilitators around the world make the CCS their first choice to add depth and clarity in their training programs.

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Expert results every time.

From the second you walk into the training room, you are faced with the challenge to connect with your participants, open them up and create a safe and comfortable learning environment. You need to do this consistently in a way that is professional, effective, reliable and with a touch of the unexpected.

‘Most importantly the CCS enables you to achieve an outcome of shared understanding more quickly than traditional dialogue’
Dr Mark Harrigan

As a professional facilitator you will find the CCS to be a superlative tool for building genuine team spirit, isolating key issues, motivating action, encouraging exchange of ideas, creating shared visions, and preparing learners to learn (even during the after-lunch graveyard shift!)

CCS Master Kits for facilitators

The CCS gives you a flexible and effective way to create a responsive and engaged group that are open and ready to participate so you can do the job you have been brought in to do.

Your expertise will shine through and your participants will achieve outstanding, memorable results.

For more than 20 years facilitators around the world have been using the CCS to successfully do all of this.

Our facilitators kits include the much praised CCS Facilitators Manual. This beautiful reference gives you the expert tips and background theory for dozens of session openers, closers, stimulators and astounding team building and visioning processes.


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Every coach needs tools they can rely upon to quickly create genuine two-way communication.

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Unlock potential.

To be most effective, one on one coaching requires the coach to establish a safe space for candid communication. A space in which the exchange is seen and felt to be between equals with the core purpose of honest, open communication to facilitate growth and change.

‘With much of our deeply held beliefs we don’t really know what we think until we hear what we say. The CCS process helps my clients to build a firm foundation for honest and open communication, both with their inner self and with those around them.’
Dr Sue Curtis
CCS Master Resources for coaches

As a tool for coaching the CCS offers a reliable way to:

  • easily create a non-threatening and trusting atmosphere
  • give people an innovative and accessible way to open up, draw upon their lived experiences and clearly articulate them
  • improve listening, questioning and probing
  • encourage diversity, spontaneity and non-judgment
  • provide opportunities for deepening understanding and critical reflection
  • visually capture the outcomes from a session.


Kits for Coaches




Hands down the CCS is the easiest way for individuals to critically reflect on personal issues, prepare for and have hard conversations, clarify personal thoughts and feelings and make challenging decisions.

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Think beyond words.

Hands down the CCS is the easiest way for individuals to critically reflect on personal issues, prepare for and have hard conversations, clarify personal thoughts and feelings and make challenging decisions.

‘In one minute – one exercise with the cards – the quality of the communication with myself about this goal had taken a huge leap forward’
Dr Stephanie Burns
CCS resources for me

Your unconscious mind holds knowledge and abilities that your conscious mind does not even have the words to describe. This is your tacit knowledge - your unspoken potential. The specially chosen images on the CCS cards act as metaphors and triggers that will help you uncover meanings and insights from your lived expriences.

With the CCS you will be better equipped to make important life decisions such as career change and personal goals. It will also become a relationship bulding tool you can use to help share your thoughts and feelings with others even in times of conflict or challenging subject matter such marriage, death and sexuality.

So take the time to think beyond your words with CCS self discovery tools.


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How does the CCS improve communication?

CCS Vision Pack latest edition
[Now included in all CCS kits]

Thousands of people around the world have been using the CCS in all kinds of corporate, educational and relationship building activities. We asked some professionals who are experts in their field to share their experiences with the CCS.



"Better than meditation"

Diana Ryall AM, founder and MD of Xplore for Success, shares her insights on the challenges for women in business, creating powerful connections and why the CCS is better than meditation.




"Completely changed the nature of the communication"

Shares why his first CCS experience led to him wanting to try the CCS as a tool to improve nurse-patient communication in the unique situation of dialysis treatment.


Michelle Duval

Michelle Duval

"Efficient dialogue about meaning"

If you are working on eliciting your company values, revisiting and refreshing the values, or looking at embedding values across your organisation, then this is the interview to listen to with Michelle Duval, founder of the Equilibrio Coaching Company and named as one of the world's most successful coaches.


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Book and cards kits

Book and Card Kits

Self contained guided experiences for self discovery and relationship building
Include a mix of one or more packs of CCS cards, stickers and guide book
Useful as participant workbooks and processes for facilitated group events
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Master Kits

Master Kits

Easily the best long term value for professional facilitators
Greatly discounted purchase of CCS consumable products such as cards and stickers. Once you have a Master Kit you can purchase individual products at up to 50% off retail prices.
Includes the much praised CCS Facilitators Manual
Master Kit user-only exclusive offers
Access to exclusive downloads, references and learning updates
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Individual products kits

Individual products

May allow a smaller initial purchase
Allows you to just get a single pack of CCS cards
Premium prices (unless you have a Master Kit)
Limited public access to CCS learning references
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Purchase your CCS products today and start changing the quality of your communication activities.



Educe: organisational and people development by eduction.

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